Help and support#

  • Get free community support with our Google group.

  • Paid support, training and consulting options are available. Our teaching philosophy is that the best way to learn is with hands-on experience addressing real-world problems. Courses are available to individuals online, at numerous sites, or in-house at your place of business. We also offer consulting services for the analysis, management and visualization of scientific and business data or optimizing your processing workflows on modern hardware and GPUs.

  • Support is included in purchases of Anaconda Enterprise.

Join the conda email group#

Join the mailing lists for both Anaconda and conda. Ask questions, answer questions, discuss ways to use conda, request new features and submit any other comments you may have.

Contribute recipes to GitHub#

The conda community has transitioned into using feedstocks, which are repositories that contain package recipes and all of the necessary configurations for building those recipes. This enables these packages to be automatically built using continuous integration (CI) services.

You can clone or fork many package feedstocks from Anaconda Recipes, though you can’t submit new feedstocks to that GitHub organization. To contribute new conda package feedstocks, submit them to conda-forge or bioconda with a pull request.

Feedstocks are welcome for programs that use any license, such as GPL, BSD, MIT or Apache, and all of the recipes the conda-forge and bioconda repositories are released into the public domain.

Report bugs#

If you find a bug, search to see if it has already been reported, and then report it if no one else has.

Issues with the conda documentation are tracked on GitHub at conda/conda-docs#issues.

For issues with conda, conda-build,,, and specific conda packages, please see New Issues.

Presentations and blog posts#

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