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Community support#

Use the following tools to ask and answer questions, discuss ways to use conda, request new features, and submit any other comments you might have.

Conda community forum

Join our Discourse forum for conda discussion and news
Conda Matrix chat

Chat about conda issues and projects with other users
Anaconda community forum

Ask and answer questions about Anaconda’s products

Contribute recipes to GitHub#

The conda community has transitioned into using feedstocks, which are repositories that contain package recipes and all of the necessary configurations for building those recipes. This enables these packages to be automatically built using continuous integration (CI) services.

You can clone or fork many package feedstocks from Anaconda Recipes, though you can’t submit new feedstocks to that GitHub organization. To contribute new conda package feedstocks, submit them to conda-forge or bioconda with a pull request.

Feedstocks are welcome for programs that use any license, such as GPL, BSD, MIT or Apache, and all of the rt has already been reported, and then report it if no one else has.

Issues with the conda documentation are tracked on GitHub at conda/conda-docs#issues.


The conda-docs repository includes documentation that is common for conda and conda-build, as well as landing pages for those projects.

The documentation for conda, conda-build, and other conda-related projects can be found in their respective repositories.

To create issues for conda, conda-build,,, and specific conda packages, please see the individual repo links in the New issues section of the Contributing guide.

Conda Announce mailing list#

Conda Announce ( is a low-traffic email list for news and updates directly from the conda core team. It is not a marketing list. We never sell, give away, or distribute your email address to third parties.

  • No more than 1 email per week, usually less.

  • Project announcements relevant to all conda users.

  • No corporate marketing hype.

  • No spam.

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