Miniconda is a free minimal installer for conda. It is a small, bootstrap version of Anaconda that includes only conda, Python, the packages they depend on, and a small number of other useful packages, including pip, zlib and a few others. Use the conda install command to install 720+ additional conda packages from the Anaconda repository.

See if Miniconda is right for you.

System requirements

  • License: Free use and redistribution under the terms of the EULA for Miniconda.
  • Operating system: Windows 8 or newer, 64-bit macOS 10.13+, or Linux, including Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS 7+, and others.
  • If your operating system is older than what is currently supported, you can find older versions of the Miniconda installers in our archive that might work for you.
  • System architecture: Windows- 64-bit x86, 32-bit x86; macOS- 64-bit x86 & Apple M1 (ARM64); Linux- 64-bit x86, 64-bit aarch64 (AWS Graviton2), 64-bit IBM Power8/Power9, s390x (Linux on IBM Z & LinuxONE).
  • The linux-aarch64 Miniconda installer requires glibc >=2.26 and thus will not work with CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04, or Debian 9 (“stretch”).
  • Minimum 400 MB disk space to download and install.

On Windows, macOS, and Linux, it is best to install Miniconda for the local user, which does not require administrator permissions and is the most robust type of installation. However, if you need to, you can install Miniconda system wide, which does require administrator permissions.

Windows installers

Python version Name Size SHA256 hash
Python 3.10 Miniconda3 Windows 64-bit 53.2 MiB d4517212c8ac44fd8b5ccc2d4d9f38c2dd924c77a81c2be92c3a72e70dd3e907
Python 3.9 Miniconda3 Windows 64-bit 52.9 MiB a2e7ec485e5412673fad31e6a5a79f9de73792e7c966764f92eabf25ec37557f
Python 3.8 Miniconda3 Windows 64-bit 52.4 MiB 4178df2a15284fd07b10c5fad592e5c15e6be5bfc37ee90d8e02bbde7792f6f9
Python 3.7 Miniconda3 Windows 64-bit 50.6 MiB 2319e6ab37215daf08f47b0da35a53f6a648121029113ae2ba53917d777b84bd
Python 3.9 Miniconda3 Windows 32-bit 67.8 MiB 4fb64e6c9c28b88beab16994bfba4829110ea3145baa60bda5344174ab65d462
Python 3.8 Miniconda3 Windows 32-bit 66.8 MiB 60cc5874b3cce9d80a38fb2b28df96d880e8e95d1b5848b15c20f1181e2807db
Python 3.7 Miniconda3 Windows 32-bit 65.5 MiB a6af674b984a333b53aaf99043f6af4f50b0bb2ab78e0b732aa60c47bbfb0704

macOS installers

Python version Name Size SHA256 hash
Python 3.10 Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit bash 43.0 MiB bfb81814e16eb450b1dbde7b4ecb9ebc5186834cb4ede5926c699762ca69953b
  Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit pkg 42.8 MiB bcc0067864011a93083ff2d6fe7b29e877c1477f24ee9d34b54d0165f8b32f11
  Miniconda3 macOS Apple M1 ARM 64-bit bash 41.7 MiB cc5bcf95d5db0f7f454b2d800d52da8b70563f8454d529e7ac2da9725650eb27
  Miniconda3 macOS Apple M1 ARM 64-bit pkg 41.4 MiB 09d893e44400f61d36daeaa9befff8219a7e0127358d904a4368b2f0ae738df0
Python 3.9 Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit bash 43.3 MiB d78eaac94f85bacbc704f629bdfbc2cd42a72dc3a4fd383a3bfc80997495320e
  Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit pkg 43.1 MiB 878c7939731a712ba3dccfccf8df3c0ac8e5a7d7486b43bfc9e422907ecf8ca5
  Miniconda3 macOS Apple M1 ARM 64-bit bash 43.0 MiB a7133a703e41ea0b1738196fb03f72b22250327adea94521c9dd6100c304dc63
  Miniconda3 macOS Apple M1 ARM 64-bit pkg 42.7 MiB b09fa8474db00127701a670886e8608da6e00c4be97d93f5dd57bbd497cdb92a
Python 3.8 Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit bash 43.3 MiB 5d789cda38b23245ffed6b88c60b7479d984bbf20e3b70d66cd150f04a9c25c5
  Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit pkg 43.1 MiB beed5074ac12b9ef2820f03a3a0efe910cdd545af8fe0aad1d9c190173150f88
  Miniconda3 macOS Apple M1 ARM 64-bit bash 42.9 MiB 8dfab7797151a31b16c174da9a5bc09529d5859f21e77f0655ea9b18209cc926
  Miniconda3 macOS Apple M1 ARM 64-bit pkg 42.6 MiB 975d6daa8afd01459b99b924703494a23519ed113bac5ba7f7db355904f37b22
Python 3.7 Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit bash 53.3 MiB bdfb2f01c0a3917bf258daffc65b69bfe07e29753be624aaf9cbda5ba02f43f4
  Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit pkg 53.0 MiB 0384041d2ccf777d88ec7ce9326ee15140becbd5faa0fb2cd1269d1e4cc8fc6f

Linux installers

Python version Name Size SHA256 hash
Python 3.10 Miniconda3 Linux 64-bit 71.0 MiB 32d73e1bc33fda089d7cd9ef4c1be542616bd8e437d1f77afeeaf7afdb019787
  Miniconda3 Linux-aarch64 64-bit 51.6 MiB 80d6c306b015e1e3b01ea59dc66c676a81fa30279bc2da1f180a7ef7b2191d6e
  Miniconda3 Linux-ppc64le 64-bit 52.4 MiB 9ca8077a0af8845fc574a120ef8d68690d7a9862d354a2a4468de5d2196f406c
  Miniconda3 Linux-s390x 64-bit 67.6 MiB 0d00a9d34c5fd17d116bf4e7c893b7441a67c7a25416ede90289d87216104a97
Python 3.9 Miniconda3 Linux 64-bit 66.7 MiB 5dc619babc1d19d6688617966251a38d245cb93d69066ccde9a013e1ebb5bf18
  Miniconda3 Linux-aarch64 64-bit 60.5 MiB 5e67416a574c49e19dc21d5b9ed586400863a685bc4e34b4d933ea8c7c1ed2da
  Miniconda3 Linux-ppc64le 64-bit 60.6 MiB cf5d7cad2b0eb260903b3661ee3fa822eecb25cf3c9b14bc9de10d72963d3d5a
  Miniconda3 Linux-s390x 64-bit 62.8 MiB 5159322f15d9e2b22b3cf90fe88b336d84f62189178c872a9288a339d86f5d20
Python 3.8 Miniconda3 Linux 64-bit 65.4 MiB 640b7dceee6fad10cb7e7b54667b2945c4d6f57625d062b2b0952b7f3a908ab7
  Miniconda3 Linux-aarch64 64-bit 48.2 MiB 10ea91cc579a64a3a88727119ac3f55839562f55118458b82824b544bc74f90d
  Miniconda3 Linux-ppc64le 64-bit 48.5 MiB d89faee2d839c7e8a2c96f3ca60295c08e837c2f134f6bb9e9e21b707babedc2
  Miniconda3 Linux-s390x 64-bit 61.5 MiB 3d1e06eddaef0976530c54ed7dda80df62705c16513634e58f7d1c4567227b9e
Python 3.7 Miniconda3 Linux 64-bit 86.5 MiB fc96109ea96493e31f70abbc5cae58e80634480c0686ab46924549ac41176812
  Miniconda3 Linux-aarch64 64-bit 80.7 MiB 31c1d635fae931b7c0687018cc87e918e8098ed5dd5e76a658e10c57e00ef864
  Miniconda3 Linux-ppc64le 64-bit 81.2 MiB d2de534bfa46aa34ef0b115a309de7e8a681683af65faf86bcee6a00460f07be
  Miniconda3 Linux-s390x 64-bit 82.8 MiB 72a8fa9aca5abaf99771110746b1345a33d390c9b29a7b4daffe6a2ff00f2366

Other resources

These Miniconda installers contain the conda package manager and Python. Once Miniconda is installed, you can use the conda command to install any other packages and create environments, etc. For example:

$ conda install numpy
$ conda create -n py3k anaconda python=3

There are two variants of the installer: Miniconda is Python 2 based and Miniconda3 is Python 3 based. Note that the choice of which Miniconda is installed only affects the root environment. Regardless of which version of Miniconda you install, you can still install both Python 2.x and Python 3.x environments.

The other difference is that the Python 3 version of Miniconda will default to Python 3 when creating new environments and building packages. So for instance, the behavior of:

$ conda create -n myenv python

will be to install Python 2.7 with the Python 2 Miniconda and to install Python 3.10 with the Python 3 Miniconda. You can override the default by explicitly setting python=2 or python=3. It also determines the default value of CONDA_PY when using conda build.


If you already have Miniconda or Anaconda installed, and you just want to upgrade, you should not use the installer. Just use conda update.

For instance:

$ conda update conda

will update conda.