Conda’s releases may be performed via the rever command. Rever is configured to perform the activities for a typical conda release. To cut a release, simply run rever <X.Y.Z> where <X.Y.Z> is the release number that you want bump to. For example, rever 1.2.3.

However, it is always good idea to make sure that the you have permissions everywhere to actually perform the release. So it is customary to run rever check before the release, just to make sure.

The standard workflow is thus:

$ rever check
$ rever 1.2.3

If for some reason a release fails partway through, or you want to claw back a release that you have made, rever allows you to undo activities. If you find yourself in this pickle, you can pass the --undo option a comma-separated list of activities you’d like to undo. For example:

$ rever --undo tag,changelog,authors 1.2.3

Happy releasing!