Conda Documentation#

Conda provides package, dependency, and environment management for any language. The following documentation site provides all you need to get started with leveraging the power of conda.

Getting started

Learn how to get started using conda with tutorials and quick start guides

Package search

Find all the packages for your project on


Documentation for all essential conda commands

Building Packages

Learn how to build and distribute your software with conda

What’s new?

Check out our blog for the latest release notes and other news

Developer guide

Take deep dives into advanced topics on the internal workings of conda



Conda provides all essential commands for creating and using environments

conda build

Conda build provides many tools that can be used to build conda packages


Miniconda is a conda installer provided by Anaconda

conda lock

Conda lock generates fully reproducible lock files for conda environments


Constructor builds OS-specific installers for conda packages

conda pack

Conda pack creates distributable archives of conda environments