Defines local filesystem transport adapter for CondaSession (requests.Session).



The Base Transport Adapter

class LocalFSAdapter#

Bases: conda.gateways.connection.BaseAdapter

The Base Transport Adapter

send(request, stream=None, timeout=None, verify=None, cert=None, proxies=None)#

Sends PreparedRequest object. Returns Response object.

  • request -- The PreparedRequest being sent.

  • stream -- (optional) Whether to stream the request content.

  • timeout (float or tuple) -- (optional) How long to wait for the server to send data before giving up, as a float, or a (connect timeout, read timeout) tuple.

  • verify -- (optional) Either a boolean, in which case it controls whether we verify the server's TLS certificate, or a string, in which case it must be a path to a CA bundle to use

  • cert -- (optional) Any user-provided SSL certificate to be trusted.

  • proxies -- (optional) The proxies dictionary to apply to the request.


Cleans up adapter specific items.