User guide#

In this guide, you will learn the about the common tasks involved with using the conda package manager.

First steps#

If you are brand new to conda, then these are guides that you will want to start with first:

Installing conda#

Follow these instructions to get a working installation of conda on your computer

Getting started#

Learn the essential commands you need in your day-to-day usage of conda

Using conda for your project#

A tutorial explaining how to use conda in your projects

See also

Check out Anaconda's free course on conda basics to learn even more.

Learn more#

Configuring conda#

Reference and explanation for all the ways you can configure conda

Working with packages#

Learn how to search for and use conda packages

Working with environments#

Learn how to create, update, remove, and export your conda environments

Additional resources#

Cheat sheet#

Commonly used commands organized into a PDF


Various solutions to commonly encountered problems