The following pages have information on how conda can be customized further through configuration.

Using the .condarc conda configuration file#

Learn how to use a settings file (.condarc) to override defaults and maintain settings across shell sessions


View a list and definition of all the configuration settings that can be used within conda

Administering a multi-user conda installation#

How to set up conda as a system administrator for use by multiple users

Mirroring channels#

Explore how to configure your own channel server mirror with conda

Disable SSL Verification#

Disabling SSL may be necessary in very limited circumstances; learn how here

Using non-standard certificates#

Install and configure non-standard certifications for use with conda

Pip interoperability (experimental)#

An experimental feature that makes conda operate better with pip (no longer supported)

Free channel (deprecated)#

Explanation of our deprecation of the free channel and how to restore it