conda env remove#

Remove an environment.

Removes a provided environment. You must deactivate the existing environment before you can remove it.

usage: conda env remove [-h] [-n ENVIRONMENT | -p PATH] [--solver {classic}]
                        [--json] [-v] [-q] [-d] [-y]

Named Arguments#


Possible choices: classic

Choose which solver backend to use.

Target Environment Specification#

-n, --name

Name of environment.

-p, --prefix

Full path to environment location (i.e. prefix).

Output, Prompt, and Flow Control Options#


Report all output as json. Suitable for using conda programmatically.

-v, --verbose

Can be used multiple times. Once for detailed output, twice for INFO logging, thrice for DEBUG logging, four times for TRACE logging.

-q, --quiet

Do not display progress bar.

-d, --dry-run

Only display what would have been done.

-y, --yes

Sets any confirmation values to 'yes' automatically. Users will not be asked to confirm any adding, deleting, backups, etc.


conda env remove --name FOO
conda env remove -n FOO