Conda environments

A conda environment is a directory that contains a specific collection of conda packages that you have installed. For example, you may have one environment with NumPy 1.7 and its dependencies, and another environment with NumPy 1.6 for legacy testing. If you change one environment, your other environments are not affected. You can easily activate or deactivate environments, which is how you switch between them. You can also share your environment with someone by giving them a copy of your environment.yaml file. For more information, see Managing environments.

Conda directory structure


The directory that Anaconda or Miniconda was installed into.


/opt/Anaconda  #Linux
C:\Anaconda    #Windows


Also referred to as PKGS_DIR. This directory contains decompressed packages, ready to be linked in conda environments. Each package resides in a subdirectory corresponding to its canonical name.


The system location for additional conda environments to be created.

The following subdirectories comprise the default Anaconda environment:


Other conda environments usually contain the same subdirectories as the default environment.