The conda CLI can be extended with the conda_subcommands plugin hook. Registered subcommands will be available under the conda <subcommand> command.

class CondaSubcommand(name: str, summary: str, action: Callable[[list[str]], int | None])

A conda subcommand.

  • name -- Subcommand name (e.g., conda my-subcommand-name).

  • summary -- Subcommand summary, will be shown in conda --help.

  • action -- Callable that will be run when the subcommand is invoked.

action: Callable[[list[str]], int | None]

Alias for field number 2

name: str

Alias for field number 0

summary: str

Alias for field number 1


Register external subcommands in conda.

Example: .. code-block:: python

from conda import plugins

def example_command(args):

print("This is an example command!")

@plugins.hookimpl def conda_subcommands():

yield plugins.CondaSubcommand(

name="example", summary="example command", action=example_command,



An iterable of subcommand entries.